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Church Fellowship

Throughout the year the church family gets together for different social events to help build "togetherness".​​

Such as:

  • Seasonal parties

  • Carry-in meals

  • Special missionary speakers

  • Ice-cream socials

Sunday School

Every Sunday at 9:30 am we have Sunday School classes for all ages.  ​

Currently we have a "one room school house" for our children and youth.  We have one class from K-12 grade.  

We have 3 adult classes, one of which is a Women's Sunday School class. 

Study Group.jpg
Church Family Groups


  • Sunday School

  • Nursery (available for you to use  with your child) 

  • Summer camps


  • Sunday School 

  • District Youth Conference 

  • Bi-Monthly meetings -Youth Connection during school year 

  • Summer camps


  • Sunday School

  • Ladies Craft Day

  • Men’s Fellowship Breakfast

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